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We Gather Together

“Thanksgiving Prayer: Gratitude to God plays a central role in the Reformed faith, motivating our lives of worship, justice and prayer. Make sure you remember to offer prayers leading up to and including the Thanksgiving celebration itself. Perhaps you can try the following prayer at your meals this season: Creator God, we give you thanks,…

Gratitude, Stewardship

A Report from the Stewardship Committee

I know many of you are thinking, ”Wait a minute, this isn’t November! Why are we talking about stewardship?” Well, if you read the report in the spring newsletter, you would know that our committee is adopting a year-round approach to stewardship and what it means to our church. Stewardship. What do you think of…

Memorial Poinsettia Tradition PCPC

Memorial Poinsettias

Memorial Poinsettias have been a tradition at PCPC for nearly fifty years. It allows the community of faith in the Christmas season to decorate the church, and also to lift up in public acknowledgement the gratitude we feel for loved ones, friends, and those whose lives are a particular blessing to us. In that sense…