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Labor Day Litany

L. Let us pray to the Lord of all creation, from whom comes life and work and purpose. Almighty God, when You formed us lovingly out of the dust of the earth, You breathed into us the breath of life and gave us work and purpose for living. P: For providing varieties of work and…

Celebration Prayer

Creator God, We thank you for the gift of celebration. Bless their parade on this festive day. May community, fellowship, and recreation, be blessed by friendship, laughter, and safety. Mark the gathering together with an awareness of common concerns and common sense. We pray with gratitude for joy and memories and life itself. Amen.

Christmas Dinner Prayer

  In the peace of this season our spirits are joyful: With the beasts and angels, the shepherds and stars, with Mary and Joseph we sing God’s praise. By your coming may the hungry be filled with good things, by your compassion may the desperate be helped. And by your love may this table and…

Thanksgiving Eve Service

Thanksgiving Day Blessing

“Lord God, our maker, as you feed the birds of the air and clothe the flowers of the field, so you nurture and build us up by your steadfast love. You have promised that you will provide. So this day of gratitude, we come before you with songs of thanksgiving. When our hearts are filled…