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Erin McKenney

For the last several years, the Session and the Session’s Personnel Committee have been moving towards adding an administrator onto the PCPC staff. We had an administrator as a helpful staff position nearly 20 years ago, but stepped away from it with the death of our past administrator, Lanny Erickson. This year, we’re returning to this helpful position by bringing on an interim administrator. The interim will help us develop the position, transition the information, and help move us to a permanent position. 

The Personnel Committee welcomes Erin McKenney, who has agreed to take this interim position. She’ll be working with the treasurer, Julianne McKeel, the database and information systems, and the other staff directors in understanding their work and managing the administrative operations of the church. 

Erin is a graduate of UCF (with a degree in Finance) and of the FSU College of Law. Previously, she worked as an attorney for several practices in the Tampa area. She has also served previously as a PCPC Elder. You can write Erin at Erin@palmaceia.org, or call her at the church office: 813-253-6047.