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We Are Collecting Computers To Donate!

Since the summer, Russell Johnson of Tampa Urban Young Life has been refurbishing used computers and donating them to students and schools in need due to the pandemic. It’s our turn to join in the effort, starting with Plant High School! We now have a great way to donate your used laptop and desktop PCs to help students! Read below for details.

Getting a new computer for Christmas? Have a working laptop or desktop PC taking up space on a shelf? Want to help kids in Tampa that don’t have a computer for schoolwork? Securely donate it to PCPC!

When schools closed in March, computers were provided to as many students in need as possible. Unfortunately, right now there aren’t enough to go around, so many students are falling behind. Russell Johnson of Tampa Urban Young Life (TUYL) has been collecting and refurbishing computers, donating them to local students and schools in need. This drive will provide refurbished computers to Plant High and other schools to help alleviate shortages and also to students through TUYL.

It’s easy! Just bring computer donations to the Fellowship Hall anytime Sunday through Friday 8AM – 6PM. You can remove your data before donating, or PCPC’s computer specialist will wipe the hard drive clean before making minor repairs as needed.

Minimum requirements:
·      Computer equipment must be in working condition (including the camera) while using the power cord.
·      Flat-screen monitors are the ONLY monitors accepted with desktop computers – please no CRT monitors.
·      Contact John Wells (jdwells01@gmail.com) with questions

Don’t have a used computer to donate? How about buying a new tablet or laptop for the school’s students to use? These are on Plant High’s wish list:
·      Any tablet with webcam/camera
·      Laptop with webcam


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