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Pretzel Pickup in Fellowship Hall!

Pick up a package of ingredients from the Fellowship Hall to make pretzels at home! Yes, mustard is included!

Pick up begins Ash Wednesday (2/17) and continues throughout Lent, while supplies last.
Fellowship Hall is open Sun-Fri 8am-6pm.

Anyone of any age is welcome to grab a bag during Lent. 

Why Pretzels?
Lent has traditionally been a time of fasting. Because eggs, milk, and fat were not eaten, people did not eat bread. Pretzels originated when a baker in Germany experimented with flour, salt, and water to make dough. He twisted the dough so that it resembled two arms crossed in prayer. For many years pretzels were given to people on Ash Wednesday to remind them to pray and were only eaten during Lent. 

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