Located in South Tampa and witnessing to the love of God for over 90 years. Committed to a neighborhood presence, worldwide outreach and a deep heritage of Christian faith.

Play Group on the Playground

Twice a month, we open up the playground for “Play Group.” This is simply a fun and safe environment for children of any age to play and parents/caretakers to mingle. All are welcome! To receive reminders about future play groups, contact anna@palmaceia.org.

2023 Dates, All from 4-5:30pm

January 3rd, 2023
January 19th, 2023
February 7th, 2023
February 16th, 2023
March 7th, 2023
March 16th, 2023
April 11th, 2023
April 27th, 2023
May 2nd, 2023
May 18th, 2023

Come out and play!

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