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Pentecost, Special Offering

Pentecost Special Offering

Beginning May 21st, PCPC will collect a Pentecost Special Offering.  Gifts to the Pentecost Offering help the church encourage, develop, and support its young people, and address the needs of at-risk children.

In the summer, teenagers in our urban areas often are responsible for caring for their families. Given the lack of structured activities, they’re prone to negative influences around them, including drugs, violence and crime. Tampa Urban Young Life believes every teenager should have a chance to be introduced to Christ while enjoying the “best week of their life” through participation in a Young Life Camp.

This year, half of the PCPC Pentecost offering will be used to provide camp scholarships for urban youths in our area. The other half will go to PCPC’s outreach program nicknamed FED, or “Feeding Every Disciple.”

The FED program started in 2007 as an outreach to children and families of the North Boulevard Homes community. Last year, the 820-unit community was vacated to make way for the city’s West River development project, and many of these families relocated to apartments or rental houses all over the city. Our FED volunteers have maintained contact with nine families, including 22 children. In addition to continuing rides to Church and tutoring, PCPC provides supplemental grocery bags with food staples as a tangible sign of our Church’s love and concern. Thanks to your generosity, we hope to continue our FED outreach and supplemental grocery deliveries for months to come!

Offering envelopes are available in the Sanctuary pews and the gym entry doors.


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