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Peace Meal Picnic: Sept 24th

Joint Church Picnic with 34th Street Church of God Food, Games, and Christian Fellowship!

Sun. September 24th, 4pm-7:30pm (with sunset at 7:25!) Picnic Island Park, Pavilions 607-609

PCPC has had two wonderful “Peace Meals” with the 34th Street Church of God, a historically black congregation led by Rev. Tom Scott, during which members of both congregations enjoyed fellowship and sought to further our Christian bonds. Because these two dinners were so successful, both churches wanted to continue to work together and decided to plan a joint picnic to further communications with a broader group of congregants.

As Christians, this type of sharing and communicating is more important than ever. We need to reach out to “others” in Christian love and understanding, whether the “other” is race or religion, sexual orientation or gender. We hope this simple picnic will help bridge the racial gap, bring needed understanding, and foster Christian love.

Please RSVP to the PCPC Church Office, 813-253-6047 or receptionist@palmaceia.org

Bring a side salad and a friend!



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