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Patriarchal Pawns: The Royal Women of I & II Samuel

Sundays, April 11th through May 9th, at 10am on Zoom 

Led by Rev. Nicole Abdnour. This class will focus on the stories of women in I & II Samuel. Though overlooked by the lectionary cycle’s calendar of readings, these women have their own unique and needed perspective of the history of Israel which can inform our modern life of faith, at times nurturing and encouraging while other times disruptive and challenging. Some of the women who will become our teachers by way of their narratives include: Ahinoam bat Ahimaaz (Saul’s Wife); Merab bat Ahinoam and Michal bat Ahinoam (Saul’s Daughters); Abigail, Ahinoam of Jezreel, and other wives of David; Bathsheba; and Tamar. Email will@palmaceia.org to get on the email list.

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