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Open Meeting About PCPC’s HOPE Ministry

HOPE (Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality) Meeting at PCPC        

HOPE seeks to fulfill God’s call to do justice. (Michah 6:8)  On February 16 at 6:30pm, there will be a meeting to discuss the key HOPE initiatives and to prepare for the upcoming Nehemiah Action on March 20 wherein HOPE asks for commitments from community leaders. This is an opportunity to learn about our call to do justice and the role we play in shaping our community. 

PCPC is one of 24 local congregations that partners with HOPE to address injustice in the community.Current focus issues include increased use of adult civil citations to reduce adult arrests, mental health and addiction (improved access to housing and services) and “care for creation” to add additional greenspace to address environmental disparities in low-income communities.  PCPC has committed to having 90 attendees at the March 20 Nehemiah Action and we will strategize how to meet this commitment.  This meeting will be held in PW Room 310.   

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