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Justice Seekers for 4th-5th Graders

Sunday, October 4th
Meet at Fred Ball Park
(2126 Bayshore Blvd.)
Parents: Drop off at 4; pick up at 5:15

Can’t join us in person? Click here to register for our Zoom and you can join us virtually!

All fourth and fifth graders are invited to gather together for fellowship, friendship, and faith this fall even during Covid.

Justice Seekers is a club just for Fourth and Fifth graders to deepen faith by exploring topics with the theme this year: You Are Loved.  Our time together includes Fellowship (games), Christian Living (ways to live), Bible (scripture connections), arts (create), and acts of compassion (serving others).  This is a great chance to become part of a mini youth group where you can love and be loved as God’s disciples. We hope to meet at several fun locations outdoors this season.

This group is led by Kelly McCord (kelly@palmaceia.org) and friends.

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