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In This Together

In This Together
Sundays, November 11th through December 16th, at 10:05am in EM307/308

Led by Scott Stichter, sstichter@srbp.com, and Marvin Crabtree,marvin.crabtree@gmail.com, this class will view and discuss the Work of the People video series, In This Together: 5 Films on Loving Our Way Forward.

The class explores the many points of contention in contemporary society and suggest various ways forward that move toward healing.

In the films Brian McLaren talks about how followers of Christ can grow into taking a healing verses hostile posture in the world for the greater good; Miroslav Volf explains a revelation he had about how regardless of opposition we are called to honor everyone; Bishop Mano Rumalshah helps us lean into being led by the compulsion of our Love; Lisa Sharon Harper helps us remember the Way towards the very good news is connection; and Father Gregory Boyle reminds us that we are all one and that sometimes Love calls us to cross or reach through our perceptions to stand for kinship—us-ness.”

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