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Gathering Together Around God’s Word

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PCPC is reading through the entire Bible in 2022 as a congregation! Over the course of 12 months, we are reading each book of the Old and New Testament and gain a better understanding of God’s continuing relationship with humanity. Each Sunday, there is a class addressing the reading for that week. These classes are hybrid and will meet in-person (EM307/308) at 10:00am and on Zoom. Email Dianna Williams to get on the class list: diannawilliams@palmaceia.org.

List of Readings through January 1, 2023 below

Titles of Remaining Sunday Mornings Classes & Leaders Listed Below
12/4: James, led by Mary Beth Hunt & Kem Toole
12/11: 1 & 2 Peter
12/18: 1, 2, & 3 Jude, led by Rev. Bill Hull
12/25: Break for Christmas Day!
1/1/23: Revelation, led by Rev. Will Wellman

For almost 2000 years, the Scriptures have guided the Christian community in living as disciples of Jesus Christ. Across Christian traditions the books collected in the Bible have been the Church’s source of faith, hope, and the path of love.

The 66 books of The Bible (a scriptural library) together have been a vehicle for the Word of God to the Church. Spending a year walking through all 66 books gives us a survey of this library, revealing the long arch of the salvation history of God in dealing with God’s people, illustrating for us and reminding us why these 66 books together have authority in our lives.

Touring the entire library helps us to realize what a treasure trove of resources are given to us and offers us a taste of the particular narrative in each of the books. It also strengthens unity in the body of the fellowship and helps us visit again our deepest values. I hope you will join us for this tour of God’s Holy Word.
— Pastor John

Each week we will read a section of the Bible, typically an entire book, along with a selection of Psalms. There are also specific readings listed each week for children—check out www.kidspcpc.weebly.com for more information. We’ve also included a column to make a check mark after you’ve read each book.
(Please note that around Holy Week and Christmas we will revert to the Lectionary readings; this is also a great time to catch up on readings!)

Keep an eye out for various worship opportunities, programming, Bible studies, and more at PCPC that will engage the readings selections each week throughout the year. Also, these resources might be helpful for further study at home:

The Read Scripture app (www.readscripture.org )
The Bible Project (www.bibleproject.com)

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Rev. Will Wellman, will@palmaceia.org

Click Here for Resources for Children to Participate

Gathering Together Around God’s Word Podcast
The podcast is available through
Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or online at https://www.heyartifact.com/libraries/pcpc-gathering-together/

PCPC has a podcast to accompany our 2022 Bible read-through! Rev. Will Wellman leads the biweekly podcast alongside other staff and special guests. Every two weeks we gather to cover the most recent readings, discuss specific passages, and explore the big questions! The podcast is available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or online at https://www.heyartifact.com/libraries/pcpc-gathering-together/

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