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Followers of the Way

Followers of the Way is a non-denominational Bible Study group of pastors that records their meetings on Mondays and publishes them Monday afternoons on YouTube and on this page. Rev. John DeBevoise and Rev. Will Wellman, and often guest pastors, read and discuss the Gospel reading for the upcoming Sunday. You can participate by emailing them at john@palmaceia.org or will@palmaceia.org, or by leaving a comment here on this page!

We now anticipate that Followers of the Way will be able to return to its in-person gathering on August 16, 2021. Read about the history of the Followers of the Way, the way meetings have shifted during the pandemic, and what Followers of the Way foresees for its future HERE.

Followers of the Way July 26th

Followers of the Way July 19th

Followers of the Way July 12th

Followers of the Way July 5th

Followers of the Way June 28th

Followers of the Way June 21st:

Followers of the Way: June 14th

Followers of the Way June 7th:

Followers of the Way June 1st

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  1. Great session this morning! When you spoke about the environment of having an intimate relationship with someone, but being physically separated I thought of my ten combat tours; the shortest was two months, the longest was a year. I tried to attend Chapel every Sunday, but often combat planning and opns precluded my participation. I do have a Bible from each tour and I remember most of my Chaplains. Chaplain Jeff Struecker (former U.S. Army Ranger) in his book “The Road to Unafraid” best describes the deployed special operations environment. I was so lucky to have had the support of my great family and Churches. They helped keep my relationship tight and grounded even when my daily profession required me to find and pinpoint the location of High Value Terrorists for our assault forces to capture/kill.

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