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Christmas In Africa 2020

Christmas in Africa is a program begun by Bill Wallof as a way for members of PCPC and beyond to lend support for the people of Papoli, Uganda. Each year, gifts given by you have changed lives in this small village.

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This year, more than ever, the need is so great. The pandemic that has ravaged the world has created hardships not before imagined. Food insecurity, starvation, and devastating disease have impacted these friends who have so little. This has been a year of great challenges, when so much uncertainty exists for all. In this time we tend to look around us, gathering those we love close to our heart. But we must not forget others, who may not have the support that we are so blessed to have. By reaching out to those in need in this world, we are sharing the most important gift possible, the gift of love. Your gifts to Christmas in Africa this year will truly make a difference.

Give the gift of hope with our Christmas in Africa program. CIA offers you a wide selection of meaningful gifts for your friends and family while you help the people of Papoli, Uganda gain self-sufficiency. Please stop by our table in the Fellowship Hall or head online to https://villagepartnersinternational.org/shop, where you can buy a gift in a friend’s name ranging from one chicken for $2 to supporting the medical clinic for a day, for $110. There are many options in between.

You can email Sylvia Campbell at sylcamp@aol.com with any questions.

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