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All Ages! Sign Up To Be a Secret Pal with a Member of 34th Street Church of God

For Individuals & Families, all ages

Would you like to be secret pal with a member of the 34th Street Church of God?

PCPC has enjoyed several dinners and picnics with 34 Street Church of
God, an historically African American church in our community. Such get-togethers are not possible in our current environment, but at the same
time, the Witness and Service Committee believes it is more important than
ever to get to know and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ from
other communities. Members of the 34th Street congregation suggested a
“secret pal” format, and the Witness and Service Committee unanimously
endorsed it as a means to continue and enlarge our relationship.

Sign Up by August 16th by filling out one of the forms below (adult or youth) and emailing it to mrydberg@rydberglaw.com.

This is a fun way to remind each other how special we are and shar
positive recognition, affirmation, and care for one another. The plan is to
exchange small, thoughtful items every other week for 3 months. The first
gift exchange will occur September 11. Items should be relatively
inexpensive and can be new, handmade, recycled, “dollar store” items,
prayers, or other creative ideas. Remember, it is the thought that counts!!
PCPC pals can leave their gifts in the PCPC Fellowship Hall and every other
week, the Secret Pal Chairpersons will arrange to deliver the gifts from
PCPC to 34 th Street Church and to bring their gifts back to the PCPC
Fellowship Hall for “pals” to pick up at their convenience. Items can also be
mailed, either to a personal mailing address or to the 34 th Street church.
This activity will conclude after three months at a cultural feast, honoring
social distancing as necessary (date, time, and location TBD).
Click Here To Sign Up by August 16th!

Sign Up by August 16th by filling out one of the forms below and emailing it to mrydberg@rydberglaw.com

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