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3rd Grade Bible Presentations Sun., Oct. 31

Third graders of PCPC will be presented with Bibles at all worship services Sunday, October 31st. That’s 8:30 or 11am in the Sanctuary, 9am in the Gym, or the smaller 6pm Vespers Service in the Sanctuary.

Check out our webpage for Reading the Bible! https://kidspcpcbible.weebly.com/

If you are not comfortable coming to the service in person for health reasons, but your third grader would like a Bible, you may use this sign-up link to have a Bible and Presentation Liturgy and Delivery come to you on Oct. 28, Oct. 29, Nov. 1st, or Nov. 2nd 

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Kelly, Director of Children and Families: Allison@palmaceia.org


The Oct. 31st Bible Presentation will be followed a week later, Sunday Nov. 7, 2021, by an event called “Introduction to Bible Blitz” from 10-10:50am. Third graders and parents participate in getting to know your Bibles – 4th or 5th graders also welcome.

Children Receiving Bibles this year:

Emerson Barger                Archer Long   

William Baron                Sutton Lynch

Vivienne Barrios            Blake Marshburn

Jackson Bryan                Blake Martin

Lexy Clarke                Ayden Mathews

Gabriel Dewey                Alexander Miller

Myla Ertsgaard                Charlotte Mitchell

Ryan Moore

Walker Freeland            Owen Pearce

Aaron Guy                Gabriel Phillips

Hadley Harrell                Jacob Pratt

William Hemberger, IV            Jordan Pyfrom

Arlo Hine                Stella Riley

Bella Huckaby                Leigha Stein

Brady Hutchens                Lila Tilman

Milana Iurato                 William White

Barrett Kersting               

Charlie Ketchey               

Be a Bible Buddy

We are asking 20 members of the congregation, or friends of the church, if they would be willing to be matched for the year with a child receiving the Bible. We will ask the Bible recipients to contact their Bible Buddy in some way so that they know who received their note and prayers.

A Bible Buddies’ first interaction is writing a short note of introduction to:

– congratulate them on receiving their new Bibles

– describe what the Bible means to you personally

– share your favorite Bible verse

The notes will be placed in the front of each child’s Bible to be discovered on Bible Presentation Sunday, October 31, 2021.

Please also include your:

– name

– address

– email (if you have one)

– phone number

Bible buddies will be encouraged to pray for your child throughout the year and send them a card throughout the year, if able.

Bible Buddy Sign Up Form

Contact Person: Allison Kelly allison@palmaceia.org 

Please sign up by Oct. 20, 2021 and drop off your notes by Oct. 24 to the Church Office. 

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