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Summer faith formation On-The-Go

An Illustrated Earth curriculum is a way for your family to bring your faith to life with you on vacation this summer. The curriculum focuses on Bible stories that celebrate water, plants, food, and animals. It is designed to draw children ages preschool to fifth grade and their families into conversation with biblical stories that relate to these elements of God’s creation: Water Stories (Genesis, Exodus, Matthew, and Mark), Plant and Food Stories (Exodus, Mark, Leviticus, and Mark), and Animal Stories (from Genesis, Numbers, Jonah, and Luke).

With these lessons, it is our hope that you will find meaningful, fun and creative ways to talk about faith with your children this summer – whether you are out of town, or enjoying a ‘staycation’ nearby.

There are opportunities for you to share laughter and fellowship, to praise God, pray, learn God’s word, give thanks and to serve. An Illustrated “flat” Earth that you can take with you is available in the office and worship spaces at PCPC or Click HERE to print your own. Take photos with your flat Earth so we can see where your family has been celebrating God’s creation over the course of the summer, then post them online with the hashtag #PCPCKids & email them to kelly@palmaceia.org, so she can share them with others.

Have fun, be safe and join with your family as you are “on-the-go” on Sunday mornings this summer. We look forward to seeing you in worship whenever you are in town!

The weekly summer curriculum links are available below:

June 9th: Separation of Water
June 16th: Parting of the Sea
June 23rd: Baptism of Jesus
June 30: Calming of the Storm
June Family Activities

July 7th: Manna and Quail
July 14: Feeding of the 5,000
July 21st: Rest for the Land
July 28th: Parable of the Sower
July Family Activities

August 4th: Creation of the Animals
August 11th: Balaam and the Lord’s Messenger
August Family Activities