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Small Shoes, Big Journey

Maggie Fuller, a PCPC member, came to the In Community Speaker Series meeting in February of this year that was led by Janet Blair from Refugee Services, a program with the Florida Department of Children and Families. Florence Ackey of the Refugee and Migrant Women Initiative (RAMWI) also presented information and needs specific to the…

Refugee Ministry, Tampa, Refugee resettlement

Refugee Ministry and Housing Relief

Tampa Bay is home to the second largest population of refugees in Florida. This population faces numerous obstacles in their resettlement process. Refugees are expected to learn English and secure housing and employment in less than 90 days, in addition to adjusting to a foreign culture. Many of these refugees are also dealing with traumatic…

Refugee Ministry, Tampa, Refugee resettlement

PCPC Refugee Ministry

Tampa Bay is home to the largest refugee community in the state of Florida other than Miami-Dade. In 2016, Tampa Bay received 5,947 new arrivals and  in 2015 we received 4,351. Although the majority of these new arrivals were Cuban Entrants, many others came through traditional refugee resettlement from war-torn countries like Democratic Republic of…