Located in South Tampa and witnessing to the love of God for over 90 years. Committed to a neighborhood presence, worldwide outreach and a deep heritage of Christian faith.

2025 Ruling Elder Candidates

Session has called a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at noon in the Sanctuary to hear and act on the slate of 2025 Ruling Elder Candidates presented by the Officer Nominating Committee.

The candidates are: Michael Bachman, Jason Bartos, Sylvia Campbell, Brian Dodd, Dave Felman, Joyce Haines, Erica Maxwell, Terry Moore, Ryan Parker, Kelly Slovinac, Timm Sweeney, and Michelle Wherley.

Below, meet them and read their answer to the question, “Why is PCPC your faith home?”

Michael Bachman

PCPC is my and my family’s faith home because it is a place where we can both belong in our common beliefs and contribute and serve in a meaningful way.

Jason Bartos

PCPC is my faith home because it is the place I feel like I belong, feel welcome to worship, and feel connected to a community.

Sylvia Campbell

I am honored to call PCPC my faith home, as it is a home filled with those whose compassion, love and care exemplify the teachings that guide my life….to love one another, to help those in need, whether next door or in a world we will never see, and to each day, try and be the person God calls us to be.

Brian Dodd

PCPC has been my faith home for over 20 years because the church has everything for my Christian journey here. It encompasses Christian education, children’s ministry, youth group, fellowship and theological messages. My entire family feels supported and cared for by this faith family.

Dave Felman

Judy and I love the members, ministers, music, and missions.

Joyce Haines

PCPC has been my faith home for almost 30 years. I find the church to be a source of religious inspiration and an integral aspect of my life. The pastors, the members and the church’s commitment to the community feed my soul.

Erica Maxwell

Christ called us to live in community as believers, as the body of Christ. There is a tremendous community of incredible believers here at PCPC with whom I enjoy living life.

Terry Moore

Becoming a member in 2010, it is clear PCPC has become a touchstone in our lives. 

PCPC is more than a church to us. It is where we are fed spiritually and guided morally through sermons, singing hymns and bible studies. It is where our daughter was wed and our grandchildren baptized. 

In short, it is truly a spiritual sanctuary for me and my family; not only for seeking refuge in the crazy world we live in but also to be strengthened and inspired to help others.

Ryan Parker

PCPC more now that ever is my faith home for very important reasons. Even before being devastated by the loss of our daughter Taylor, this church gave our family a place to come together for forgiveness, love and belonging. Being in the military it’s difficult to attach yourself and your family to a church family because of the impending move and loss of church family. Moving back to Tampa I quickly saw how PCPC not only brought my immediate family together, but gave us a church home and a place our faith could grow and be nurtured.

Kelly Slovinac

I, like many others, came to PCPC for the music. It is a blessing to be able to sing with Nancy and to be a part of the choir family for the last 13 years. After having kids of my own, I began co-directing the Joyful Noise Choir. Sometime along the way, PCPC became my faith home and I became a member.

Timm Sweeney

When I arrived in Tampa late in 2008, I was introduced to PCPC through the St. Andrew’s Society. I immediately felt at home. It is a warm, welcoming and family-friendly congregation and over the years I have made many friends, both through the Church as well as those friends who happen to also be members.

Michelle Wherley

PCPC is my faith home because growing up in this church no matter where I have been in life I have always been welcomed into such a loving community here at PCPC. This church has blessed me with so many relationships and helped me continue to grow as a person and in my faith. The Youth group here is especially close to my heart. Growing up the youth group made such an impact on my life. Now as an adult volunteer, I have been able to mentor and help foster our young adults personal and faith journeys.