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Don’t Fall for This Scam!

Your minister isn’t emailing you to ask for gift cards — and neither is Presbytery Coach and Coordinator Patrice Hatley!

Your minister, youth minister, former minister, presbytery staff — or pretty much anyone else you know — will NEVER send you a cryptic message asking you to “help me purchase this gift cards at the nearest store around you and I will be pay you back as soon I’m back to my house today in cash or check” or anything else like that. (That’s a quote from a recent scam email that wasn’t really from who it said it was from!)

Never. Never ever.

Nor will they tell you to buy gift cards for any worthy cause while explaining why you have to do so NOW “without calling and speaking to me personally first.”

Please don’t fall for it. 

Click on the “Worshipers targeted by gift card scam” story for more, and please be especially attentive to any email that doesn’t look right to you or sound like the person it says it’s from. Please use contact information you already have to contact directly anyone who sends you an unusual request for help — and NEVER click on “reply” in an unusual email!

Legitimate organizations for which PCPC is currently requesting gift cards are the Refugee Ministry, the Beth-El Farmworker Ministry, and the Giving Tree drive. Those gift cards can be dropped off in the Fellowship Hall, with the receptionist at the front desk, or in the secure mailbox in the church parking lot. Learn more about those needs and other current drives HERE.

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