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We Are Collecting For Our Covid-19 Relief Fund

Your generosity is making possible PCPC’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. The church is using it to help those who are suffering the most, directly. We’re also using it to support key partner agencies in the critical areas where they’re helping hurting people as well. And a portion of it we’re using to help some hurting global villages especially in Haiti and Uganda as they contend with the COVID-19 virus. The funds are being overseen by a committee of 12 people. Michael Maddux is the chairman of that committee and they’re meeting weekly to make the disbursements from the fund. Your fund is doing a good work, and 100% of it is being used to help hurting people. Thank you for your generosity.

You can donate to the fund HERE.

Peace be with you! Because of your generous response to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, your witness to the risen Christ is flowing into our community and beyond, in support of those most impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic! 

Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church has a long history of compassionate outreach to needs in this community and around the world. Your amazing outpouring is already providing relief for our mission partners, reaching people that are perhaps the most difficult to help.

We’re helping migrant farmworkers served by the Beth-El Farmworker Ministry, essential women and men laboring to put food on our tables, many without safeguards to protect them from the effects of the virus.

We’re helping the working poor served by the Judeo-Christian Health Clinic, where medical, dental and eye care, surgical services, and a pharmacy give treatment to those who fall through the cracks in the health care system.

We’re helping local children served by End 68 Hours of Hunger, who are losing not only the opportunity to grow and learn in school, but experiencing the fear of hunger on a daily basis.

We’re helping those who seek caring support and guidance from Love, INC., hoping to find local resources to climb from crisis to stability and create a brighter future.

We’re helping the immigrant families served by the Refugee and Migrant Women’s Initiative, providing training and assistance to speed the assimilation process for recent immigrants.

We’re helping those young people guided by Tampa Urban Young Life and the many who benefit from Metropolitan Ministries.

And we’re also helping our international friends in Papoli, Uganda and in Mombu Crochu, Haiti, who depend on our guidance and involvement, but are being devastated by this terrible disease.

Jesus broke down barriers, even death, to reach out to the community and support those in need. Now is our chance to respond in faithfulness to create a better reality during the pandemic and afterward.

Please give online today at palmaceia.org/giving.

Thanks for your generosity, and may God bless us all!

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