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An Update From Pastor John

“Peace be with you. As we enter into this new month, I certainly see and feel the signs of hope around us. I bet you do as well. Not only in the beautiful weather, the signs that spring is here, but also in also in society — the initial openings that are happening as we move through this quarantine period. It’s an exciting moment, isn’t it?

And I want you to know that the church will reopen also. But we’re going to be full of care about that. The officers will, in conjunction with the pastors, prepare a plan — we’re working on that now — for how that will happen, and it’s going to be prayerful and thoughtful. We won’t be at the front of that curve. We’re going to be like schools, thoughtful and careful and opening in a way that protects the health of the community as well as the congregation.

Yes! We will continue digital services and digital programs. We will not leave anybody behind. So you can expect to find that here, even as you have over this quarantine period. Do what’s best for your health and the health of the community around you. We’ll walk with you. And pray with us.

As we enter into a third month of walking thru this quarantine, some of you are asking, “How do we do this yet another month?” In the 12th chapter of the letter to the Hebrews, the writer tells us in verses 1 and 2, “Run with persistence the race that is set before us following Jesus.” That’s how you do it. You persist. It may not be a new thing that you have to do at all. But keep doing the faithful, full-of-care, loving thing that has been the blessing that’s set before. Keep doing the faithful, loving thing. We will run with persistence this race by following Jesus.”

-Rev. John DeBevoise


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