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Prayer for Teachers and Students

This month is the month when a great percentage of this congregation is climbing back into school, either as students, teacher, administrators, or as parents launching students. It is, I think, a significant enough moment and enterprise that we ought to surround it with prayer. People are often writing me concerned that schools don’t offer enough or any formal prayer. A good place to start is by praying ourselves. Here is a prayer I’m using this month.
-Pastor John

“O Great Teacher; we lift up to you this month those who prepare to enter the tasks of teaching and learning. Give teachers energy, wisdom, patience, and passion to follow their calling. Work through them to shape the minds and hearts of your people to follow your paths and understand something of tour purposes. Help them to be Good Shepherds of your flock. Give students the means to discern Your call in their minds and hearts. Grant them inquiring minds and energy and humility to learn. Help them to hold an awareness of the gift and power of education so they might be good stewards of the opportunity before them. Look with Your mercy on those with special needs and challenges and send help to them through your Spirit. Give teachers and students alike courage, and keep them safe from any danger in their schools. Help parents to discern where support for students and teachers is helpful and possible. Enable us together to learn to love You with all our hearts, minds and souls.
We pray in the name of the one the Disciples called “Teacher.” Jesus Christ Amen

(Prayer by Rev. John DeBevoise)

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