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What if…?

What if every day this week, before your feet hit the floor in the morning, you prayed:
“Today Lord, let me see what you would show me.”

If you saw as God gave you sight what would be different?
-priorities might change
-emphases would shift
-some things given up
-repentance could be forthcoming
-others, on the periphery, might be noticed
-notes might be written
-some words not spoken 
-kindnesses acted on
-a courageous step taken
-some wounds healed a bit
-some passions shifted
-some renewed
-a truth might be spoken….in love
-some money would be spent differently
-minutes, leading to hours, spent differently
-some things would be left undone
-some friendships reconnected
-smiles might be forthcoming
-we might laugh more
-and cry more too, but likely together
-some chapters closed, finally
-some hopes kindled
-some dreams encouraged
-forgiveness could grow
-generosity flow 
-justice could find an advocate
-a new energy could spring up
-invitations extended
-a welcome offered 
-a place set

Sometimes faithfulness looks like simply seeing the Spirit at work. Sometimes it looks like seeing as God opens our eyes.

-Lenten Reflection by Rev. John DeBevoise

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