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PCPC Now Uses Fair Trade Coffee!

PCPC Now Uses Fair Trade Coffee!

If you come to the Fellowship Hour on Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall, you’ll see there are some good things happening at the coffee bar! The coffee is fair trade coffee, which is excellent coffee that’s produced with particular attention to growers and pickers getting a fair share of the profits. It’s a small way we have of reaching out in care to farmworkers in the world.

And the styrofoam cups are gone! They’re bad for the environment because they never go away. Instead, there are sturdy paper cups with cardboard sleeves for those who desire. (Or, bring your own mug!) This makes us a little bit more of a “green” community, and it helps us to model good stewardship of God’s good earth.

Will Wellman, who has led this effort through the company Equal Exchange, comments, ”As people of faith we are called to be stewards of God’s creation and to love our neighbors, by switching to fair-trade coffee and paper cups we are doing our small part in living out that call.” If you have question or observations, contact will@palmaceia.org.

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