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Incorporating Advent Wreaths into our Homes

Advent wreaths aren’t just for church worship spaces. Advent wreaths can be a meaningful devotional tool for individuals and families. Did you know that the wreath is round, with no beginning or end, testifying to the eternity of God’s creation, and of God’s love and care for people? The wreath is also of evergreen, recalling that our faith, hope and love are always alive when they spring from God and God’s Son. The candles represent the One who said, “I am the light of the world,” and provide a countdown to Christmas. Some wreaths will have 3 purple/blue candles, 1 pink, and the center candle white, but feel free to have all white or all blue/purple with a center white candle.

Place your wreath in a central place in your home – perhaps as a centerpiece on your kitchen or dining room table. Begin mealtime by lighting the appropriate candle(s) for the week. With each week, the light of the wreath grows brighter as we journey towards celebrating the light of Christ in the world on Christmas.

Each candle has a theme:

  • December 3rd – Hope
  • December 10th – Peace
  • December 17th – Joy
  • December 24th – Love

Use that theme as the focus for your devotional each day.

• Light the candle(s).

• Ask each family member to reflect on where they have seen/heard/ experienced (hope, peace, joy, love) that day or maybe to list people or places for who hope, peace, love and joy are needed.

• Lift up those people and places to God as a thanksgiving or as a prayer of intercession (prayer for the needs of others.)

• Pray (you can use this prayer or say your own): Lord Jesus, it is you who we are waiting for this Advent. Help us prepare our lives to welcome you again. The light of the candle(s) shines bright in the darkness and reminds us that you are coming soon. May our hearts prepare you room. Amen.

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