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A Honduras Reflection

From Bob Coates upon returning from the 2017 Honduras Mission Trip:

When I left, home, my daughter charged me to “go change lives”.  And throughout the week, I watched as we did exactly that.  There’s no doubt that providing the citizens of these remote villages regular health and dental screenings, early detection of medical issues, and health education are having a lasting impact on countless lives.  

But what I wasn’t expecting is how my life would be changed by the experience.   As I screened the inhabitants of the villages, I noticed that the majority that came through my station were smiling, grateful to see us (except the ones that knew I was going to draw blood), despite minimal personal possessions.  The kids were curious, giggling, and laughing, despite the lack of video games, TV, or designer clothes.  It seems we in the US spend so much time and energy pursuing “things”, assuming that they will bring us happiness, and yet so many are in fact unhappy.

The lesson – focus on the important, mostly intangible, things in life –  love, family, friends, serving others.

Thanks to you all for your contributions to a great week that indeed did change lives.


You are invited to hear more about the work that was accomplished and the stories from the mission trip. Join the Honduras team for dinner and a time of reflection on Thursday September 28th at 6:30pm at the home of Marti Price, 5125 W. Neptune Way 33609.

Please RSVP to the church office 813-253-6047

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