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Feeding Every Disciple

In 2007, dedicated women from PCPC started an outreach called Feeding Every Disciple (FED) to children and families of the North Boulevard Homes community. Through the leadership and coordination of Ms. Sandra Dean, a resident of this community, many children have felt the love of Christ from PCPC youth as well as many other PCPC volunteers. Last year, the 820-Unit community was vacated to make way for the city’s West River development project, and many of these families relocated to apartments or rental houses all over the city. While there are many positive aspects in leaving North Boulevard, families have faced significant issues with access to transportation, as well as the adjustment to new neighborhoods and schools.

Our faithful FED volunteers have maintained contact with nine families, including 22 children, 9 which are under school age. In addition to continuing rides to Church and school tutoring, PCPC has been providing supplemental grocery bags with food staples on a once a month basis as a tangible sign of our Church’s love and concern.

The PCPC Witness and Service Committee has designated the upcoming special offering on Pentecost Sunday, June 4th to be split between the FED program and Urban Young Life summer camp scholarships. Please prayerfully consider supporting the PCPC Pentecost offering which will benefit the FED outreach ministry.

Thanks to your generosity, we hope to continue our FED outreach and supplemental grocery deliveries for months to come!

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