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Thursday March 9, 2017

Romans 1:12

“…so that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.” 

One of the reasons Christians gather together in churches is to be an encouragement to each other. In part we are encouraged through neighborliness, kindness, the support of companionship and friendship. But in part we are supported by seeing and learning from each other’s faith. As I write this I am in Mombin Crochu, Haiti with the medical mission team. Because of the poverty and lack of infrastructure in this place there is considerable suffering. But nevertheless there is profound faith. Again and again the mission team sees the prayers and persistence in faith, and explicit articulation of faith in God through Christ from the people here should live with such profound poverty. We keep learning that while we feel called by The Spirit to come and serve them, they are the one who are helping us though the witness of their faith in difficulty over time. Whose faith has been an encouragement to you across the years?


“Lord, bring near to me brothers and sisters in Christ so that I might be encouraged by them. Lord, use me to encourage someone in need.” We pray recalling how Jesus encouraged us.” Amen 

-Rev. John DeBevoise

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