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FED Grant – 1 Year Later

One year ago Sandra Dean received the Lightning Hero Award for her service to the North Boulevard Community. The Feeding Every Disciple (FED) ministry at PCPC received fifty thousand dollars from this award in order to continue to work with the families of the North Boulevard Homes. Here is an update of how those funds were used in 2016.

1. Just Initiative ( $5,000 dollars)— This organization provides short-term residential housing for women and children in need. Many of the families that PCPC have worked with through the North Boulevard Homes have ended up needing to stay here in order to get back on their feet. Families will stay for anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of months. During their stay they are taught job skills in order to aid their transition.

2. Summer Camp Scholarships ($10,000 dollars). Many of the children from North Boulevard do not have a chance to go to summer camps or on mission trips. The PCPC Youth Scholarship Program was expanded so that more of these students will have the opportunity to go to camp and on mission trips. Half of the funds were used for the summer of 2016 and half of the funds will be used for the summer of 2017.

3. Monthly Food Program (7,200 dollars). Many of the children in the North Boulevard Homes are hungry. PCPC started a monthly food box program to aid the families in need. PCPC gave away healthy foods and groceries to families on a monthly basis.

4. FED Director (7,800 dollars) PCPC hired Tina Maddux on a part-time basis for 2016 in order to aid the transition of the North Boulevard families to their new homes. We were incredibly blessed by Tina’s service this past year. Thank you!

5. Just Elementary Partnership ($15,000 dollars). PCPC partnered with Just Elementary to give enriching opportunities focused on the 2nd and 5th grade classes. Many of these students never leave their neighborhood. Therefore, these funds were used for field trips so that these students could experience more of the world around them.

6. Mama Africana ($5,000 dollars). This organization provides mentoring services for African American girls in middle and high school. Their goal is to empower these young women in their cultural heritage and identity. Many of the youth that PCPC has worked with at the North Boulevard Homes have been mentored through Mama Africana.

If you’d like to support the ongoing FED ministry, we are seeking drivers who are willing to pick up kids and families for church on Sundays. The commitment is once every six weeks and all routes are within 15 minutes of the church. Please contact David at bonnema@palmaceia.org if you are interested in volunteering.

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