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40 Word Prayer On Justice

[God] expected justice, but saw bloodshed;

righteousness, but heard a cry!

— Isaiah 5:7b alt.

The world is always crying for justice —

from the prisons, from the streets, from the storms,

from the soil, from the ignored, from the stranger.

God, help us not to become jaded, judgmental, and apathetic

but let these cries compel us to listen, to learn, and to act.


“By Bruce Reyes-Chow, from 40 Days, 40 Prayers, 40 Words: Lenten Reflections for Everyday Life



Being part of the struggle against injustice is in my bones. My grandparents were part of California Central Valley farm worker strikes in the 1950s; my mother raised me to always think about the marginalized as I engaged in politics; my lifelong church, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), at its finest moments, has been part of movements of justice throughout the generations. But justice work is hard. It’s easy to become jaded and pessimistic. Justice “wins” occur so infrequently that cries of injustice become deafening and overwhelming because they are screaming from all corners of the world. It can just be plain tiring to always be thinking about the impact of our actions and the ways we may contribute to injustices of the world. Again, justice work is hard. But as so many have said to me over the years, “No one has ever said faith is easy,” and when it comes to a faith that calls one to a posture of justice-seeking, this is evident. Seeking justice means not only fighting for justice in communities and corporations but also fighting the injustices in ourselves— never fun. So I try to remember that God does remain faithful in the struggle. Despite the hard work and difficulties, I can’t imagine that God will ever ask us to stop trying, no matter how hard it is.



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