Located in South Tampa and witnessing to the love of God for over 90 years. Committed to a neighborhood presence, worldwide outreach and a deep heritage of Christian faith.

Prayer of Rememberance

Great God, we remember before you those who have borne the greatest burden in these disasters and in this time of terror and war. We lift our hearts in thanksgiving for those who have loved their neighbor as they love themselves, for those whose service built up your kingdom, for those whose lives were taken while they served the common good. We pray for those who serve in the public interest, in the military, in law enforcement, in the work of rescue and relief, in disaster assistance, in administration, in governing and leadership, in countless ways. We give thanks for their witness. Now strengthen our faith that we might stand in witness to the light of Christ Jesus, who comes to set us free.

Give us the courage of hope that our lives, and this church, may be witness to the Gospel and the power of life that is yours alone.

God of the ages, before your eyes all empires rise and fall yet you are changeless. Be near us in this age of terror and in these moments of remembrance. Uphold those who work and watch and wait and weep and love. By your Spirit give rise in us to broad sympathy for all the peoples of your earth. Strengthen us to comfort those who mourn and work in large ways and small for those things that make for peace. Bless the people and leaders of this nation and all nations so that terrorism may become only a historic memory. We pray in the strong name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.


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