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Christian Education Visioning

In light of the retirement of our long-time Director for Christian Education the Session has asked that PCPC take the opportunity to spend a year in study, exploration, and discernment in order that we may continue to move forward in the areas of Christian Education as successfully as we have for the last 25-years. To guide this process the Session created a CE Visioning Taskforce to work with Pastor Nicole Abdnour who is currently overseeing the direction of educational ministries for an interim period. PCPC members serving on the taskforce include: Mindy Powell (chair), Earl Whitlock, Barbara Ryals, Susan LeBlanc, and Kim Miller.

The purpose of the taskforce is to seek to nurture faith development that assimilates our congregation members into the body of Christ. To do this, the taskforce will identify a plan to provide innovative and stimulating Christian education for adults, youth, and children—the full circle.

Work will be carried in four phases using the following tentative timeline.

Phase 1: Discover (Summer and Early Fall 2016)

This first step is data gathering to inform our work, and it will include an opportunity for members of the congregation to provide feedback on current programs as well as express their needs and wants in the area of Christian Education.

Phase 2: Dreaming (Fall 2016)

Using the data gathered from Phase 1 the taskforce will begin to imagine the possibilities of our future offerings and structure.

Phase 3: Design (Winter 2017)

A structure and recommendation plan will be created from the feedback and data received in the first two phases.

Phase 4: Deliver (Spring/Fall 2017)

The created plan will be shared with the Session for their acceptance. The plan that is adopted will be shared with the congregation and implementation will begin.

How can you participate?

  • First and foremost, pray. Pray for the members of the team and that God may use them for this task.
  • Second, participate. Target group conversations will be taking place in late October/early November and there will be a congregation wide invitation to a special interactive event in January.

More information about these events will be coming soon. For questions or comments, contact ……

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