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Independence Day Prayer

Lord God, thou who art the author of liberty. With this nation, like the people of Israel you heard the cry of the oppressed and set us free that we might be a blessing to the world. You have called us to be a beacon of light to the enslaved in oppression. We praise you for calling us to be a part of this unique experience of freedom in the history of human kind. We pray that you would help us to be good stewards of the torch you lit in our forefathers.

In this season of independence, we pray that you would teach us the discipline to be the “one nation under God.”

-Deliver us from the arrogance of the extremes that divide us as a people, may the passion of the center emerge so as to unite us and give us a solid place to stand. For surely with such division we will fall and fail to be your bearers of blessing.
-Teach us the tolerance that comes with knowing that you, only you hold the truth that will set us free and make us strong.
-Forgive us when we speak for you as if you had no voice to speak for yourself.May we hear your voice amidst the political rhetoric.
-Intervene that we might be saved from ourselves.

Father God, we pray for the grace to trust only in thee. On this 4th of July, teach us about real security as a nation. You know we live in troubled times. We face threats that would weaken or destroy our way of life.

-In the face of such threats help us never to let go of the principles on which you built this great nation.
-You have blessed us with military might. Teach us to use it wisely in our own defense and for the sake of peace.
-Deliver us from the foolishness of believing that our might will make us right.
-Help us to help others to learn by our example. Keep us on the high ground of values and deliver us from sinking to the level of those who would destroy us.

On this weekend of our nation’s birthday, we have much to celebrate because you are God.  In this time, may we hear the words of your apostle Paul, “For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm therefore and to not submit again to any yoke of slavery.”

We make this prayer in the name of the one who comes as liberator, Jesus Christ our lord who taught us to pray……


But now that you have been freed from sin and enslaved to God, the advantage you get is sanctification. The end is eternal life (Romans 6:22)

By Bill Wallof

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