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How Are We To Respond

Lord, how are we to respond to this day?
When tombs do not stay sealed;
when dead and immobile bodies walk into the daylight;
and people who were gone are alive again;
anything is possible.

We have no frame of reference for this – no logical explanation
to make resurrection a normal everyday occurrence
And yet, that’s exactly what it is now –
ever since You refused to remain a victim of the grave.
And suddenly we can see it – resurrection is everywhere!

You truly are alive – and Your life breaks out
in surprising ways and unexpected places
even in our own hearts and lives.

And so, Risen Jesus, Eternal and Abundant Life-Giver
We praise You, we celebrate You, we bow in awe
and we open our hearts again, that You, O King of Glory
may come in.


From www.sacredise.com



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