Located in South Tampa and witnessing to the love of God for over 90 years. Committed to a neighborhood presence, worldwide outreach and a deep heritage of Christian faith.

Listening to Jesus

Father God, we thank you for a love so powerful that you sent your Son that we might have a light to show us a way out of the darkness of the prisons we create for ourselves. We thank you that you have not left us alone in cells of confusion and the hopelessness that comes with being trapped in self-centeredness. As we enter this season of lent, enable us to let go of everything else that would claim our allegiance that we might become more Christ centered.

We praise you for your command to listen to Jesus. We thank you for his words in scripture. Give us ears that hear and hearts that listen to what He says. Block out any other voice that would call us away from sitting at his feet.

This morning we pray for those who are unable to listen to Jesus because of the burden of grief or illness. May we hear from them as we stand with them in their time of suffering.

-We pray for healing of our soul that we might be better enabled to care for our bodies.
-We pray for words of comfort for those whose lives have been shaken by loss.
-We pray for your Spirit to lift our countenance that the reality and brightness of your presence would be known by others around us.

O thou who heard the cries of your people when ensalved in Egypt, teach us to hear the cries of those about us today. As fellow servants, give us ears to really listen to each other that our isolation might become community.

We pray in the name of the one…….

And He said, “Let anyone with ears to hear listen!” Mark 4:9


-From Prayers of the People: A Collection, By Bill Wallof

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