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Christmas Dinner Poem

Christmas Dinner

By Nancy Little

There is sustenance at table

beyond the food.

There is song and memory

and braiding.

The strands are grandmothers

and lakes and moonlight,

poetry, baked spaghetti,

Preacher Gordon, for all he was

and wasn’t, just as we are.


There is the spiral of DNA,

and the surprising tensile strength

of friendship.

Together they are

strong enough to weave a way

into the next generation.


I don’t know what heaven is

but good enough for me would be this scene:

our grown children

eating from family china and silver

at Christmas,

discussing George A., Troop 4,

and trips abroad

the hope of their good future,

that they might know each other

and be known,

in the sacrament of wine and curry.

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