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Stewardship Season by Nicole Abdnour

Dear Friends,

Throughout the fall the lectionary readings have had us journeying through Mark’s Gospel where Jesus, on more than one occasion, has looked towards children to teach the disciples about faithfulness and a life of discipleship. This past Sunday, the children of PCPC have modeled for us generosity and acts of giving from a place of abundance. Children were invited to bring in a piece of their of Halloween candy for “Trade and Treat” — trading a piece of candy for a bracelet in order to provide a bowl of porridge to a hungry child in Papoli, Uganda thanks to the generosity of a member of this congregation. The invitation was simple: a piece of candy provides a bowl of porridge for a hungry child and a bracelet as a thank you for the child donating the candy.

The response was overwhelming. One child shared quietly and humbly that she brought in all of her candy. Another family happily brought in an abundance of candy with the children sharing that they picked out ten pieces to keep for themselves and were giving the rest. The invitation was a piece of candy and yet child after child shared generously from the abundance they had been given. Is it any wonder that Jesus continually pointed towards children to teach the adults about faithfulness and discipleship?

My prayer this stewardship season is that we will consider the example of the children, giving generously out of the abundance with which we have been provided. My prayer is that we as adults will strive to live up to the model of extravagant giving that our children have demonstrated. My prayer is that we will be granted the faith to trust that God gives more than enough.

The invitation is simple: prayerfully consider how you will financially support Christ’s work through PCPC in the coming year.

With gratitude for your generosity,

Pastor Nicole Abdnour


“God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work.”   2 Cor. 9:8

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