Located in South Tampa and witnessing to the love of God for over 90 years. Committed to a neighborhood presence, worldwide outreach and a deep heritage of Christian faith.

Misson-Beyond our borders

Foreign/International support is directed by the Witness and Service Committee to PCPC partners in Haiti, Honduras, Uganda and Poland. In each of these locations, we have established a relationship with a community and leaders.  In addition to spreading the love of Jesus to our partners, PCPC  wants to enable those we are assisting to become self-sustaining and self-supporting communities.


Through the non profit organization, Village Partners International (VPI), we have partnered with the small village community hospital in Mombin Crochu, Haiti.  We regularly send medical mission teams to work at the hospital and support the operations of the hospital .   Essential medications for treatment of the sick and injured are continually in short supply. Mombin Crochu Hospital makes possible the purchase of crucial medications, supplies, and instruments, and enables the doctors and nurses to effectively treat increasing numbers of sick and injured patients. The new Haitian government offers renewed hope for security within the country, where mission volunteers have so much to offer to the people. Medical, surgical, dental, and building and systems support teams are welcomed and greatly needed at Mombin Crochu Hospital.  Mombin Crochu Hospital is an effective message to the Haitian people of the love and action of Jesus Christ, alive today in their troubled and needy world. Our partnership in Mombin Crochu now reaches nearly 20 years. 

Papoli, Uganda

Palma Ceia has been involved with the village of Papoli for over a decade.  In that time, the village has gone from one of the poorest to a model rural village in eastern Uganda.  The mission now is sustainability.  The village has ongoing needs for the schools built with the help of PCPC. Due to the extremely poor quality of the public school system in Uganda, it is common for families to sacrifice everything they have to send their children to private school.  Upon completion, the public Papoli primary and preschools were the pride of Papoli and attendance has continued to increase.  The schools are starting to get overcrowded because more parents are sending their kids to the Papoli schools instead of private school.  Over 1,000 students now attend the school.  Palma Ceia is actively working with our contacts in Papoli to come up with solutions for the schools and the village.  The initial projects have been successful but there are challenges based on the school’s growing population and needs for ongoing maintenance and sustainability.