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Jolley Trolley

Youth Group Christmas Fun! December 9-13

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9th we will be having our middle school White Elephant – Christmas Party – Jolley Trolley night! Please join us in the gym at 6:00pm with a wrapped gift. These gifts can literally be anything: old batteries, sweet PJs, a toothbrush, last year someone even brought an enormous plug-in Santa lamp! We will enjoy treats and a ride in the Jolly Trolly as well! Don’t miss out!

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13th we will be having our high school White Elephant – Christmas Party! Please join us in the gym at 6:00pm with a wrapped gift. No need to spend money, wrap something around the house. It’s the thought that counts! Dress up in your favorite Christmas clothing and be ready to have a lot of fun!

Youth Group will cease on these dates and resume January 6th for middle schoolers and January 10th for high schoolers! We Ho-Ho-Hope everyone has a wonderful and restful Christmas break!

-Kenny Hubbell, Youth Director

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