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Beth-El Food Drive

Beth-El Food Drive

Your Donations Make a Difference in the lives of the Beth-El Farmworkers!

 The Farmworkers who do the backbreaking work of picking strawberries earns 12 cents to pick 1-pound of strawberries that retails for $3.00.  They have to pick over 2,000 lbs. of tomatoes a day to earn a minimum wage without any benefits.  

 As you enjoy local strawberries, oranges and tomatoes, etc this winter season, the families who pick them may go to bed hungry if it wasn’t for the 450 bags of food they receive every week from Beth-el Farmworkers Ministry.

In March, drop your donations in the Church bins around campus or in the Church Office. The last collection for Beth-El food is Wednesday, March 30th.

Canned Goods such as:

            Tomato Sauce


            Processed Meat




    Pinto Beans

    and/or a gift card for Publix / Walmart (place gift cards in BJ Johns’ mailbox in the church office)

Contact BJ Johns with any questions.

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