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All Men Invited to NET Book Discussion Dec. 11

All men are invited to participate in a discussion led by Kevin Woods about the book:  Gods at War  by Kyle Idleman. While not necessary for attendance, please consider grabbing a copy and diving in before our meeting.  The book is a launching pad for discussion on idolatry and its many forms.   Idolatry is an important topic in the Bible, is dominant in our personal lives but most likely irrelevant in our own estimations.  Idleman reveals which false gods each of us are allowing on the throne of our lives. We are all wired for worship, but we often end up valuing and honoring the idols of money, sex, food, romance, success, and many others that keep us from the intimate relationship with God that we desire. We join together to inspire and create a unique worship space in our monthly hour together as well as to become better equipped for relationship with the Lord.  This meeting will help set the tone for your December faith journey.  A light breakfast of bagels and fruit will be served.  RSVP to Michael Maddux: mmaddux@madduxattorneys.com

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